Question 1006

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  1. Rob:

    I used to give into my fear of being alone all the time. This morning I was checking out the post secret blog and there was one that said ” I can’t be with you because for the first time in my life I am completely and utterly happy alone” While this isn’t 100% true, it’s closer than it has ever been before

  2. Osiris:

    Leaving everything else behind and finally living for myself. Best thing ever but it was a bit scary at first.

  3. Susan:

    I gave into my fear of leaving a marriage that was never right and starting anew. It has had both good and bad results, but I can’t continue looking back.

  4. Talia:

    When I left a marriage that was no long what it had been. So scared, but I did it!

  5. Sabrina:

    I left a bad situation rather than continue to fight it out–maybe not the best thing to do; I should have stood up for what’s right. But I also believe sometimes it’s better to recognize when it’s time to leave and let things be.

  6. Thorben:

    I wanted to some sports – and at the same time get settled more in this new life in this new place I started one year ago. However, after some trial days at several clubs, I realized that nothing would replace the wonderful remembrances with my old friends in the old club.
    Now, I’m pretty glad I did not waste time to stick to people who seemed unsympathic at the first meeting – and instead tried something new, which is a lot of fun.

  7. Michelle:

    I turned a parent in one time for abusing a child. Her four year old came to school with a black and blue face. She asked me if I was the one that made the call. I was afraid of her, not just for myself but my kids. I lied to her. I don’t like people who are dishonest and I feel ashamed, and disappointed in myself for not telling the truth. I let fear compromise my ethics.

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