Question 1010

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19 Responses to “Question 1010”

  1. Talia:

    I typically work up until I go to bed. However, once in bed I read for 5 minutes prior to falling asleep.

  2. Rob:

    Prepping for the next morning so I can get out of the house quickly. Lately I’ve been writing in a journal

  3. Sabrina:

    Reading my Bible, praying, then thinking quietly.

  4. Stephanie:

    I spend the time recovering from the day.

  5. Alicia:

    Playing with my daughter, cleaning, relaxing, taking a bath while reading my kindle.

  6. Sofi:

    I read my book, I watch TV (if there’s something interesting going on), I dream awake until I fall asleep.

  7. joanne:

    computer and tea

  8. Blink:

    Clean the house, then try to get time to read a book for half an hour.

  9. S:

    talking to my boyfriend on Skype but sometimes he can’t stay long and it really annoys me

  10. dada:

    read book, make plans for tommorow, think some happy thoughts

  11. Thorben:

    dinner, writing a diary, reading in bed (usually falling asleep within five minutes)

  12. Navyshebee:

    Knitting with a cup of tea, then reading for about 15-30 minutes before turning out the lights

  13. Krysten:

    I get off work at 9:30 p.m., come home, change my clothes, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed with a book or puzzle before dozing off, usually by 10:30.

  14. Joanna:

    Talking with my husband about our days, what we did or what we thought about, ideas we had, plans forming in our heads. In between, we play with our dog or our gerbils, we may occasionally watch a silly sitcom or a thought provoking series. We brush our teeth together and then we curl up into bed and keep talking about everything and anything until we drift off to sleep and right before we do, we say “I love you” to each other.

  15. Kay:

    That’s sweet Joanna; I’m lucky enough to say that we share similar nights… but when he’s away for work I usually spend them aimlessly surfing the internet until I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

    Can’t wait until he gets back! 🙂

  16. John:


  17. Joleen:

    Watchung a movie I like and then listening to music where I usally build a story about…

  18. Ash:

    talking to my love

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