Question 1011

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16 Responses to “Question 1011”

  1. Osiris:

    Doing and going everywhere. I love to always do new different things constantly or I feel very stuck. So that’s what I do in life and it’s an endless goal that I enjoy very much.

  2. Dii:

    to live life at the fullest

  3. Blink:

    To travel the world with my career

  4. Susan:

    To see the entire world!

  5. Rob:

    I still want to travel so far and for so long that I stop thinking about the journey home

  6. Navyshebee:

    To travel to Ireland and Norway

  7. Krysten:

    To spend time in a culture that is drastically different from my own. (Funny how everyone’s dream is to travel…)

  8. Jamie:

    To get the product I dreamed branded and on the market. Selling it to people who want to buy it. The doing is very scary for me as it’s a whole new territory I know nothing about. And yet, every day I think about it and look forward to being in the selling of it.

  9. hayateKUN:

    To be an engineer.

  10. sabrina:

    Finally discovering my true self and living it out.

  11. Snow:

    To have children of my own.

  12. Michelle:

    to find a deeper happiness within myself, and see myself and lifes perspective and the people in my life, in their most honest form. to basically become more of myself and help people be more excepting of their own true personality

  13. Marie:

    to find a soul mate

  14. KK:

    To be a mommy.

  15. Abibuyog:

    To be a CPA, a traveller,

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