Question 1012

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15 Responses to “Question 1012”

  1. To be good and bad at the same time,something like Lana Del Rey.She is perfect for me.

  2. Rob:

    Day before yesterday I made a point of telling someone how they made a difference in my world. I don’t even know her name, and it doesn’t matter. She was the first one to make me feel welcome in a new place.

  3. Susan:

    Forgive everyone for everything. Especially myself.

  4. William:

    Composing music.

  5. Mazl:

    become totally absorbed in the beauty of nature such as the crispness and clarity of air or the spectacular shape or colour of a tree…..simple stuff….

  6. Krysten:

    Give myself 10 minutes to do nothing but stretch…aaahhh…

  7. Sabrina:

    See myself in the eyes of my dog.

  8. Navyshebee:

    Give to those in need, whether a hug or a chemo hat i knitted or maybe just lending an ear….it doesnt have to cost to give of yourself for the better good.

  9. Jamie:

    Let the Observing part of me Smile down at the part of me that is feeling and being in the world. And take that Lonnnnnnng walk I mentioned earlier. 🙂

  10. Snow:

    Help someone in need.

  11. Believe that you are loved and worthy of being loved

  12. Kaitlyn:


  13. M:

    Be, along with everything

  14. Mr. Hughes:

    Eat a tube of cover-up

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