Question 1015

Photo by: Eduardo Amorim

16 Responses to “Question 1015”

  1. Rob:

    Outlaw train robber. I need a little excitement

  2. Krysten:

    Medicine woman!

  3. Farmer / builder

  4. Irony:

    You know, Rob, you still CAN be an outlaw train robber if you want.

    Also I would be a prospector, seeing as how I’m from the future, finding all the best mines would be easy.

  5. Eljai:

    Temperance activist who runs a boarding house for women

  6. dada:

    a cowboy(girl)

  7. Talia:


  8. Rob:

    I’ve found my ways to get my risk fix that are far closer to legal in this modern world. 😉 Good point though

  9. Mazl:

    animal feeder

  10. sabrina:

    Probably a schoolteacher, though my first inclination was a saloon girl–no upstairs though! 😉

  11. SUE:


  12. Foxy:

    I’d probably be a dancer/singer/whore/train robbing bitch.

  13. Steve:

    A writer, in any period, except the Renaissance; I’ll be a painter then.

  14. Abibuyog:

    a painter,an artist, a lover, anything!! 🙂

  15. Joleen:

    I’d be the first female cowgirl 😉 Or I’d be a bank rubber, always making money…

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