Question 1018

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17 Responses to “Question 1018”

  1. Your Time

  2. Henry:


  3. Mazl:

    an availability to listen without judgment or feeling the need to give an opinion

  4. Susan:

    An uncompromising acceptance without judgement and a safe harbor to share thoughts and feelings without fear of betrayal.

  5. Talia:


  6. Haataja:

    A memory to never forget.

  7. Rob:


  8. phoenix:


  9. SUE:


  10. To stay in touch, even when it’s not convenient.

  11. advice

  12. Jacque:

    give them friendship

  13. karina:

    support and love

  14. perpective:


  15. schoolgirl:

    Time. time to listen, catchup, give advice, compliment her.

  16. Abibuyog:

    Time and prayers

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