Question 1019

Photo by: Evan Leeson

17 Responses to “Question 1019”

  1. Stephanie:

    I wait for nothing. 😀

  2. phoenix:

    I don’t know…

    The sign.. maybe

  3. Mazl:

    a cool breeze so I can get to sleep

  4. Susan:

    My son to get better and start his life.

  5. alwaysbelive:

    to have an empty nest – can that ever BE? … and willing to live my life’s purpose.

  6. divya:


  7. Tomorrow to come!

  8. Daniel:

    Money… You can’t get where you’re going if you can’t afford to get there…

  9. Duke Nukem 3D:


  10. Navysheebee:


  11. karina:

    i’m waiting for the moment when i get to see her beautiful face again and the moment when i get to see my friend again.

  12. Melissa:

    Someone to share happiness with.

  13. William:

    To die.

  14. Peter:

    To meet with my love.

  15. Abibuyog:

    To feel the true and lasting happiness.

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