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  1. MK:

    Not taking time to sit and listen to my son. Getting angry by his turmoil and hoping he’d snap out of it.
    I learned from it that to appreciate someone’s issue, I have to sit, listen, be patient, understanding, not judgemental… and accept it will take some energy out of me to help him through

  2. Rob:

    I got involved with someone I never should have had anything to do with. As soon as I realized my mistake I cut all ties.

  3. Anon:

    I loved.

  4. Me:

    starting smoking cigarettes again after 2 years of being nicotine free 🙁

  5. julia:

    I did not divorce my husband. We always argue. I was never good enough for him. He always critisized me but I walways thought that he loves me. Recently I leanrned that he is not. I just want to divorce him because he does not love me but I cant we have three little kids.

  6. julia:

    Would you stay married just because your kids? I asked my mother and she said that of yoy get divorce your kids vill not be happy and you cant be happy whaen your kids are not happy. I agree with her but I am young and I need love and attention. I want to be touched and loved. I do not know what to do. What would you?

  7. cindy:

    Julia, this is so sad. Your kids would rather grow up with one happy parent, than 2 unhappy ones. Find some help.

  8. Alisa:


    DO NOT stay married if you are unhappy, and there is no hope for your marriage to be a happy one. Your children will suffer more in an unhealthy, unhappy environment living with the tension and fighting between you and your husband. Furthermore, you are not giving them a model of a good, happy marriage that they can then go on to find for themselves in their own lives. If they watch you and your husband struggle and suffer through an unhappy marriage, until they are grown up, then they will go out and treat/ be treated in relationships the way they have seen you/ your husband act because that is what you have shown them as what marriage should look like. OR they may avoid marriage and commitment entirely as the only sure way to escape following in your footsteps.

    I know how hard it is to leave, and I wish you the best of luck. I’ve been there, so I know how difficult it is to be in your position. It took a lot of courage and counseling, but I am much better off and so are my children… you and yours will be too. Even your husband will be better off.

  9. Starting a business with a loan l took from my father without divine weighed down with guilt and shame as l am yet to pay it off ,a year down the line.

  10. Abibuyog:

    Hi Julia,

    Would it possible for me to say, keep the marriage, because it is something that is worth fighting for in life. The thing is, God binds you as one, through worst and happy situation, you should fight. If you think that you already gave everything that cause you to almost die, then sadly I am saying, you should give up but if not, I think all you need to do, is to pray, ask God for forgiveness and a new heart. Forget the past, and continue love and serve your husband, until you can talk to him heart to heart. It will not solve the problem if you just continue living to the old you, if you still have the same heart and thoughts towards to your husband. You need to pray for a new heart, for a new you. Be reminded that one time in your life, you fall for the same man, that made you decide to marry him. This decision is all about you that make it sense it also all about your kids and your husband. Still be a happy family, it’s not impossible, everything will be okay, pray and act. Also, I advise you to watch : FIREPROOF, that movie will tell you that your marriage is worth fighting for, that you should not leave your partner even in fire :). Godbless you and your family!

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