Question 1031

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14 Responses to “Question 1031”

  1. Rob:

    Listening to myself instead of what everyone else wants of me. It goes as far as ignoring societies norms and allowing myself the freedom to be me

  2. Osiris:

    Meditation…. and the end of a day

  3. Hotchkiss:

    Sky, star, cloud, wind^^

  4. Lazy Sunday mornings; sipping coffee in bed with book in hand.

  5. Mazl:

    in church, playing the piano, looking at nature, trees in particular, cuddling …. ..

  6. Ana:

    Listening to the silence of nature.

  7. Joni:

    Prayer, the promises of God, certain books.

  8. Eljai:

    being able to pay my bills, my boyfriend’s voice

  9. Zena:

    knowing my mum and sister are healthy and happy in loving relationships.

  10. brindha:

    Knowing that deep within me there is an unchanging aspect of myself that is unperturbed by chaos and external circumstances.

  11. Barbara:

    Anything that induces a positive or good “feeling”, going for a walk, looking at my son’s picture, etc.

  12. Wanton:

    Knowing I’ve left a positive difference to the person next to me, whoever that may be.

  13. bieler:

    food siting in the bath and have 2 candles burning around me 🙂

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