Question 1032

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17 Responses to “Question 1032”

  1. ElleCee:

    1. My self-criticism. 2. My fears. 3. My unhappiness.

  2. Eljai:

    any idea of obligation between my ex and I

  3. Zena:

    the belief that my ex was my soul mate and that I’ve been done wrong by him.

  4. Haataja:

    the burning need to always know how things will happen. I’ma human being after all! I am small and was not made to know about everything in this world.

  5. Gea:

    always trying to belong, and the obsessive conviction that all the best things happen each time I’m not there.

  6. Rob:

    Other peoples expectations of me

  7. Susan:

    The need to be liked by everyone

  8. monica:

    him. also, the past & people from my past.

  9. Eva:

    My guilt

  10. Henry:

    My Ex.

  11. Stephanie:

    …my friend for whom I am no longer friend.

  12. brindha:


  13. Victoria:

    I vow to let go of my fear and the need to blame someone else.

  14. zavia:

    Haataja agree with hr

  15. Navyshebee:


  16. Vithya:

    Let go my anger, fear and too much imagination of the anything in the world.

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