Question 1033

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  1. Blink:

    I’m grateful for my best fried, who after nearly ten years of terrible times and rollercoasters of my mental illness she’s still there and still loves me. I’m grateful for loving parents who endured me and a friend who taught me to be a kind and compassionate person

  2. Eljai:


  3. brindha:

    loving people across the globe

  4. Mazl:

    my dad because he made me feel such a special and loved person, he made up for so much otherwise missing, and –
    my husband because he continues that circle of love ..

  5. Victoria:

    I am grateful for everyone in my life. My friends who support me. My mentor who has guided me. My son who is the light of my world. My puppies who make me keep things off the floor. My students who challenge me to be a better professor. And,everyone else (not really enemies but what to call them?) because the challenge they bring me is to keep believing in me despite them.

  6. My grandfather. Even years after his death, he is still the inspiration for the man I hope to become.

  7. Rob:

    Time to correct old errors

  8. Susan:

    Every. Single. Thing.

  9. Kat:

    My brother. He is one of the best people I know. We argue sometimes but I know in whatever problem I have I know he will be there and support me and love me. I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

  10. TivaJoy:

    My brother… He makes me laugh, and listens when I need to vent.

    My Aunt… She loves me unconditionally, and I feel the same about her. She is such a blessing to me.

    My Guatamalan friend… She is so great to talk to. A genuinely good person.

    God and my angels… Grateful for the love that surrounds me and watches over me. Grateful I have someone to pray to when I drive in my car.

  11. a.:

    The grace of God, genuine friends and loved ones, wonderful Creation, good books, health, loyal animal friends. So much more than I can list (but I’ll keep noticing and trying). 🙂

  12. alwaysbelive:

    My God, who is first in my life and family.

  13. Grateful to an all sufficient God who has consistently made a way where there seemed to be none thereby foiling every wicked plan of the enemy.(2)my daughters,who complete the list of God’s blessings to me.(3)$my father who has continued to bear with me in love despite the long overdue debt which l owe him

  14. Eva:

    My Gaurdian Angel

  15. Elle Cee:

    My friends who supported me through High School and now, the friends I have begun to make, my Seminar professor, and bird watching 🙂

  16. A:

    My beautiful daughter.

  17. My son and the experiences i’ve had in my life!!!!

  18. Navyshebee:

    My great- grandmother

  19. Wanton:

    My partner and God, both for keeping me a humble student of life.

  20. Vithya:

    All the people in my life. MY parents never hurts me, My brothers helps me, My sisters assist me, My friends makes me laughs and My enemies teach me.

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