Question 1038

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12 Responses to “Question 1038”

  1. A joyous path and an end to worry.

  2. Eljai:

    That they have love in their lives and their material needs are met

  3. Susan:

    Health and happiness

  4. dada:

    health …..everything else we make by are own

  5. Alicia:

    health and happiness.

  6. To be together again

  7. Efe Otakore:

    Peace and happiness

  8. Jimmy:

    No regrets and true joy!!!

  9. Navyshebee:


  10. Mazl:


  11. Elena:

    I want my aunt to have her daughter back, because every day that passes I know she’s hurting so much she wants to die, but she goes on because of her little Valerie. For that, I think she’s really strong,

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