Question 1045

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13 Responses to “Question 1045”

  1. Take some significant steps in the right direction. They may be different for each of us, but we all know the steps we need to take. 30 minutes is plenty of time to begin. So get to it.

  2. Eljai:

    light a candle, drink some cocoa and get honest with myself OR F myself over by thirty minutes of applied dishonesty, the choice is min

  3. Susan:

    To accomplish something that’s important to you.

  4. Rod:

    Write a letter to a far away friend. Sing.

  5. Rob:

    To bring yourself a little inner peace by taking the time to actually pay atention to your wants and needs instead of allowing the desires of other to push your choices

  6. Haataja:

    Move closer to my goals.

  7. Haataja:

    Or write the best poem of my entire life.

  8. alwaysbelieve:

    Center, acknowledge my self worth

  9. Talia:

    exercise which leads to feeling 100% better!

  10. Smilla:


  11. Oliver:

    Or do something nice for someone.

  12. Manish:

    Get freshen up our selves to go ahead rest of the whole day….

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