Question 1046

Photo by: Brunifia

12 Responses to “Question 1046”

  1. Morning fog, seagulls chattering, and the smell of the sea.

  2. Mazl:

    my flag, barking dogs, noisy parrots, clear bright blue skies, bushfires, red skies, sharks, sunburnt people, the accent, the loudest laughter …. … ….

  3. Rob:

    This may sound strange but in a lot of ways home to me is a reliable motorcycle, time off of work and half a plan of where I’m headed

  4. aline:

    Someone playing music

  5. susan:

    My family.

  6. alwaysbelive:

    Home cooking !:))

  7. People with the same accent as mine 🙂

  8. Eljai:

    the smell of a greenhouse

  9. Courtney:

    Her smile

  10. zavia:

    someone yelling

  11. Osiris:

    My friends. Home has always only been a place to sleep once in a while. I was always at a friends house while growing up and they would let me crash on their floor. I have great friends.

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