Question 1054

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  1. Blink:

    In almost every way possible. I’m a kinder, more compassionate, determined person in an entirely new life situation with prospects I never imagined I would have. New me, career, location, friends. This is why I’m confident that everything will keep changing for the better.

  2. Eljai:

    Nearly every external circumstance in my life has changed. Internally there have been some health changes including major surgery. Mentally I’ve lost a good bit of acuity. As far as spiritually and philosophically, I’ve been knocked off the pedestal that kept my eye on the bigger picture, and I have a greater understanding of, and sympathy for my human nature. Indeed it feels as if it’s all I have left.

  3. I’m nearly unrecognizable in all ways.

  4. Victoria:

    I like to think I have been consistent over the past five years, but I’m not sure that’s the case. I am older, perhaps a little wiser, and more patient with others.

  5. Olive:

    My experience is similiar to the others here. I, too, have had my life upended, had enforced change, and I think, no I’m certain, I’ve become more sensitive and more comfortable with my humanness. I’ve learned lessons I can’t quite articulate but feel in my spirit, in retrospect I recognize changes in my behavior and attitudes. Sadly, I think I may have “grown up” in some ways, left my youthful idealism behind, but I guess that’s the trade-off for gaining in other ways.

  6. Aiyana:

    I’ve changed in the past five years by not being overly serious with everything that happens to me just now. I also haven’t dwelled on the past over little and big mistakes. Even when I think about it sometimes, I don’t let it affect me. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m slowly starting to not let other’s opinions and attitudes affect me . That’s it.

  7. Shannon:

    I’ve finally stopped caring about what others think of me and have started caring about what I think of myself.

  8. linhhuynh:

    I have learned that people always want to take control over you. They hate something different unless you can prove that they were wrong : I’m not stubborn, my way just better.

  9. Alicia:

    I become a Mom which has been the most AMAZING and JOYFUL experience of my life. I have also gained a lot of wisdom. And matured a lot. And I live a much simpler and peaceful life than I used to.

  10. Wanton:

    I’ve come to truly appreciate that life is precious. And in my journey through life, not to take myself, my loved ones, people around me or life itself too seriously. I’ve also re-found my inner creativity and make it a point to take care of myself first, in order to love others to my best capacity.

  11. Jodie:

    I now understand everyday is a HOLYday, & treat it as such.

  12. I’m much less judgmental when others stumble along in life. We’re all made of the same stuff and hey, I make a ton of mistakes myself.

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