Question 1056

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21 Responses to “Question 1056”

  1. Dee:

    Not accepting life just as it is.

  2. linhhuynh:

    Try to take control on everything.

  3. Limiting beliefs.

  4. Mazl:

    we do – because we don’t know the difference between the things we can change – and the things we can’t change

  5. Tatyana:

    Sin against God.

  6. AHHHsexyLady:

    Life becomes difficult for me with many different reasons. Drama, death, love, hate, family, loneliness, and many others. I sit and think of many different ways I get upset about the life I have and it’s not fair because I like this one guy that I know will never happen. He’s one of those people that the flesh wants and the spirit can’t have. I know it’s for the best I let go because he’s girlfriend I crazy about him and he’s the same way. I want him happy even if it hurts to know it was just a dream.

  7. Alicia:

    Selfish people.

  8. Osiris:


  9. Susan:


  10. Rod:

    Being invisible.

  11. Wanton:

    Wearing masks…

  12. Ky:

    the uncertainty

  13. Jodie:

    People who don’t say what they mean or mean what they say.

  14. faye:

    when you feel helpless.

  15. berna:

    when you doesn’t know what’s your purpose in everything you do, and everyhting that surrounds you.

  16. Ria:

    3 things: me, myself, and I.

  17. Skye:

    The depressing truth that nothing you have ever done or will ever do matters, because life is pointless and death in inevitable.

  18. y:


  19. Justis:

    When one moment you were happy, then life happens and you aren’t anymore. Yeah, sooner or later, you will adapt and be content with life just as it is, then eventually, you will be happy again. But life does it all over again. I think that what makes life difficult. The ups and downs. The true test is not to let the downs get to you. But that is the hardest thing to go through because it does gets to you. I think that why some people have a hard time to be happy because they are afraid what life can do.

  20. Abibuyog:


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