Question 1057

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20 Responses to “Question 1057”

  1. AHHHsexyLady:


  2. Unknown:

    A boy that lies or cheats on you !

  3. AHHHsexyLady:

    Amen GIRL

  4. td:

    unknown is so lame!!!

  5. AHHHsexyLady:

    A boy who you really like but he got a girl and still trys to turn you on with his charm!

  6. Talia:

    Abuse of any kind.

  7. Daize:

    Someone who thinks I’m just like everyone else.

  8. Madeline:

    people who don’t get there part of a team done

  9. Disrespect.

  10. Mazl:

    disdain, deception, distrust, d d d

  11. Rob:

    I will never put up with physical abuse again. I also have no tolerance for people who belittle others

  12. Wanton:

    Conscious deceit.

  13. Keith:


  14. Jodie:

    Emotional Vampires

  15. faye:

    injustice. in any form.

  16. Eljai:

    as my life closes in around me, I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything left I wouldn’t put up with.

  17. Ria:

    A significant other who decides to start smoking. *cough* it’s me or the ciggies *cough*

  18. sabrina:

    abuse, lies, cheating, disrespect, injustice

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