Question 1062

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21 Responses to “Question 1062”

  1. When someone I love tells me they’re happy with their lives, or has an exciting piece of news.

  2. Stephanie:

    Smiling at someone and seeing them smile back. 😀

  3. Good tunes.

  4. Mazl:

    doing anything with my dog or piano

  5. Mudassir:

    Having a nice chat with my friends or After I see the my crush.

  6. susan:


  7. dada:

    a good laugh

  8. A:

    1) Snuggling with my Daughter.

    2) Hearing my Daughter laugh.

    3) Exercising.

    4) Shopping.

    5) Naps.

  9. KK:

    Being with friends and or family.


    good music , chats with friends

  11. me, myself and I, water, bass guitar, nature, cafe, my boyfriend fiance, praying, smiling, food, apple, sport, a confortable chair, yoga, breathing in and out, playing bass with my group to a huge audience, a confortable place;))

  12. Eljai:

    loud music, dancing and being oblivious to the world

  13. Kennedy:

    -It might sound cheesy, but when someone refers to me with ‘my’ in front of it.
    Ex: my dear, my girl, my highschooler, etc.

    -My lunch table!


  14. Unbelievaburgers:


  15. Jennifer:

    Music and scrapbooking, especially at the same time.

  16. Navyshebee:

    A smile

  17. Randy Seabrook:

    Singing, Dancing, Reading, Swimming

  18. Tanya:

    SINGING or listening to MUSIC <3

  19. sabrina:

    being with animals

    being with my cat

    someone smiling at me or showing kindness

    good food

    sunshine, scenery, nature

    having a good night’s sleep

    having good news

    watching a good movie, listening to music I like, reading an inspiring or interesting book

    spending time with a friend


  20. JRB:

    My grandson and a bottle of wine.

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