Question 67

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  1. Laura:

    Without each other, they wouldn’t exist. The world wouldn’t know the difference.

  2. valerie:

    anything is possible.

  3. Why must we so obsessively define things that create inconvenience as negative? 😉

  4. Kitty:


  5. Tay:

    It’s the idea of Pandora’s box…Before she opened it, we did have all these good things without the other, but she let the cat out of the bag figuratively speaking. So now we can’t have one without the other. It is almost impossible.

  6. Romer Jed:

    Pleasure can exist without pain.
    And peace can be obtained without war.

    But we can never ever know true happiness unless we experienced the sadness to appreciate it.

  7. Eps:

    There can never be one without the other. If you don’t know sadness, then how can you understand happiness? How can you begin to understand or appreciate peace or pleasure without the pain and war?

    It’s the Yin and Yang. I know from experience that I’d rather feel the sadness and the pain than not, because by feeling those emotions, then you’ll eventually feel the happiness and pleasure.

  8. Michaela:

    No. No matter how much we want one to be without the other, you can’t appreciate something if you don’t know what you have it for. If there was never war, how would you know to appreciate peace? If you were never sad, how would you grow to know your true happiness? If you never had your heart broken, how would you be able to appreciate love [that one’s questionable]?

  9. There has to be an opposite for everything. If there is a God, there has to be a Devil kind of thing. Out of pain, we can get pleasure (something good will come from something bad), happiness from any sort of sadness and as long as man exists, we will ALWAYS have war. Doesn’t matter what any countries leader promises (“I’ll start to get rid of the all of the nuclear weapons…etc.”) there’s always MAKING weapons.

    We can’t exist without the opposite. No matter what we try, no matter what medicines we take or if we get rid of weapons, it will always be there. 😐

  10. ^ Also what fun would life be if we didn’t have some sort of trial?

  11. Nic:

    paraphrasing a great quote: “I hang out with people to remind me why I like to be alone”
    I think this expresses well said dicotomy

  12. No to the two first.
    But there can be peace without war. Peace is the normal state of things.
    Peace is not the opposite of war. Peace is so much greater.

  13. Gail:

    We understand each in terms of the other. Perhaps people are about dichotomy. Maybe we slice the world up due to our human nature. As others here, I would like to believe we could have peace without war, without fighting. But fighting seems to belong to mammals and other earthly creatures, and evolution is slow.

  14. Shadows aren’t created through the abundance of shadows or the absence of light, but rather through the abundance of light.

    God, I sound like one of those annoying optimist-creatures. D:

  15. Nelvin:

    Everything in this world comes in pairs. How can you say it’s happiness if you never felt sadness?

  16. Justin:

    If that were true, then we would have no emotions. We wouldn’t be human…

  17. Rachel:

    Like Kristine, no to the first two. They would lack their meaning and true emotion. Yes to the second; conflict is inevitable, combat is optional.

  18. April:

    Nope. There has to be opposition in everything, or else it would all be the same. We couldn’t possibly know the difference if there was no difference. Everything would have lost all meaning.

  19. Becca:

    yes but they dont mean as much

  20. Samantha:

    if you dont understand and know the bad.negative thing how are you suppost to every be able to appericate the good

  21. Megan:

    No, because you can’t know one without the other. If you’ve never felt cold, how can you truly know what hot is? It’s like Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger. Satan’s actions seem cruel to the boys in the story, but since he has never known evil, he doesn’t understand that these actions aren’t good.

  22. Nick:

    If you don’t experience the negative, you wouldn’t appreciate the positive.

  23. Rowena:

    No. How would you know happiness without sadness? How would you know pleasure without pain? How would you know peace without war? You can’t have one without the other. You can’t know about one if the other doesn’t exist.

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