Question 1067

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6 Responses to “Question 1067”

  1. Chelsea:

    My father.

  2. Cold hard iron. Immobile, but a force all the same. Its sole purpose is to test you. And it tells no lies. It reveals exactly what you’re made of. It shows you the truth of who you really are. What can be more intimidating than that?


  3. Ria:

    My boss’s boss. A dinosaur in human form. That woman haunts my nightmares.

  4. Unbelievaburgers:

    The Man

  5. chelsea:

    people with a “loud go-go-go” energy. when they say things and their energy is the exact opposite.. who NEVER break eye-contact. usually they are men who just have NO sense of personal space. All of those in one person-yea-that scares me SO incredibly much..

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