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  1. Rob:

    She was a high school girlfriend, a great friend thereafter. A long term confidant of my Mothers even after we stopped dating. She became a mother. After her passing my Mom and Dad took on the care for her young daughter. Any time I visit home I see her daughter and am reminded. I’ll never forget her.

  2. Osiris:

    Actually, my ex. She was the best person I could have ever have the opportunity to have in my life. Learned so much from her and shared so many great times.

  3. Sonya:

    The male nurse I had while in the hospital. I was in CCU and was probably their youngest patient by a couple of decades. I had to lie flat and still for two days so a huge blood clot wouldn’t kill me. This nurse, old enough to be my father, took care of me as if I were actually his child. He checked on me way more than was necessary, made sure I lacked for nothing, took an interest in me beyond my medical chart, and was ready as bouncer/body guard should anyone try to bother me. At a time when I was so overwhelmed that I could barely process my near death experience, he provided an element of peace and calm.

  4. susan:

    I’ll never forget my Grandpa John. When I was a little girl, he would lovingly make tapioca pudding for me. He lived in the country and would drive to town to bring it to me. He always wore blue stripped overhauls and chewed beechnut tobacco. At his house, he would always have boxes of Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. The phone at his house was on a ‘party’ line, so sometimes when you picked up the receiver, other people who shared the line would be having a conversation with other callers. All of the beds in his house were ‘feather’ beds. The house that he lived in was built in the 1800’s. Although the house had been renovated and modernized with indoor plumbing, he never tore down the ‘outhouse’ that they used before there was indoor plumbing. He was a farmer who grew wheat and he raised cattle. He would always take me fishing. He was the best Grandpa in the world. He was the best part of my childhood and I miss him very much.

  5. Mazl:

    We were both volunteers in a dog rescue, washing endless mountains of soiled blankets and towels. We shared the same name and we laughed ourselves silly all day. She was bright and cheery and fun to be around. I always hoped I would see her when I was at the shelter. She was married to a severely disabled man who had developed Alzheimer’s. She was his carer. She also had 5 rescue dogs because they were way past their time at the shelter. One day she was tragically killed whilst walking one her dear old dogs. I will never forget her.

  6. KK:

    The one who I’ve never had closure with.

  7. Debi:

    My mother, she was taken away the first time, when I was ten, by mental illness. I grew up very fast that year and started taking care of my little sister. She died at 57, much too young to die, I miss her every day. She lives on in my heart.

  8. Eljai:

    My mom. She’s the person who’s had the most influence on my life. Either when I was trying to please her, emulate her or create my personality independent of her.

  9. Jodie:


  10. Randy Seabrook:

    My Gaga- my beloved grandmother who gave me so much love.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    That bitch from that show that one time – with the shitty mascara

  12. karina:

    my grandmother and a friend who accepted me at my worst.

  13. My granmother whom I was very close too!!!!!

  14. Freya:

    Paula, who probably saved my life the day she took her one.

  15. chelsea:

    my dad… he has taught me so much, he has taught me how to love myself, and was there for the times i thought i wasn’t going to make it.

  16. Mel:

    An old friend who took me into a world I would never have dreamed of venturing into. A scene that was completely opposite of my upbringing. A world of corruption, drugs and danger, all the while protecting me like his best treasure. Despite my breaking your heart, I shall never forget you.

  17. Justis:

    There are a lot of people I would never forget. Some are gone out of this world in unfortunate ways. Some are gone because their life is complete. Some are still in my life and taught me things that changed me in so many ways. There is this one person that my mind sometimes wander about even though she haven’t been in my life for more than fifteen years, even if she was there for one year, even if we were in kindergarten, Jessica. She did not make much of a difference in my life and yet, she is in my mind sometimes and one question ponder why. That is whom I know I won’t forget the most.

  18. Your eternal lover:

    Tanmay, the love of my life. The first time I saw him in grade 7, I just knew he would be someone special. Now in grade 12, I know I want to marry him. He makes me who I want to be. He defines my life and completes me. I love him for ever and always. I really can’t describe the feeling of love, but you just know when you’ve met the one. Tanmay baby, I love you. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I want you to stay stong, happy, healthy and safe. Live the life you want !

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