Question 1073

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16 Responses to “Question 1073”

  1. susan:

    Drive in rush hour traffic.

  2. Osiris:

    Wake up

  3. Sunfire:

    I was going to respond to this question, but I determined that focusing on things I hate only makes life suck more, so here’s my response: Every Day Loves

  4. Eljai:

    stress over whether or not my actions and words are somehow responsible for the choices another person makes.

  5. Set down the things I love to take care of the things I don’t.

  6. I can honestly say there is not one thing in my day that I hate doing. I don’t do things I hate. And if I do end up having to do something I don’t like, I choose to enjoy it in that moment. There’s always a way to make even the worst of things better; it’s just a matter of mind-shifting.

  7. KK:

    Get ready for work everyday. I wish I could roll out of bed and go to work.

  8. SUE:

    Driving. It makes me so nervous since I was in a fatal accident. Especially since winter weather includes snow and my car is old.

  9. Ada:

    getting up

  10. Randy Seabrook:

    Solving everyone’s problems and listening to their complaints.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    My wife.

  12. I agree,waking up!!!!!

  13. y:


  14. kln:

    Being alone.

  15. Abibuyog:


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