Question 1076

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20 Responses to “Question 1076”

  1. ersterwochentag:

    The taste of bacon.

  2. That our world is simply a reflection of who we are. In order to change it, we must first change ourselves. You must work from the inside out if you ever wish to make a real difference.

  3. Eljai:

    How QDRAO’s work, so I could have negotiated my divorce settlement in a better way.

  4. Susan:

    honor and respect

  5. shipra:

    About my Dad

  6. Mazl:

    you can never reason with unreasonable people

  7. Suze:

    that choices have consequences.

  8. AnnB:

    My self worth

  9. SUE:

    That I am an awesome human being and have so much potential if I focus my energy onto something bigger.

  10. The answers to a test!

  11. That to focus on my personal needs is not selfish, it helps me to become less dependent on others.

  12. Jodie:

    Though you can do unto others as you would have them do unto you, they will not always do unto you as you do unto them.

  13. karina:

    that life is horrible and hard. i wish i knew the pain of growing up.

  14. Osiris:

    To truly listen.

  15. Freya:

    That life is worth living.

  16. Neicy:

    That its ok to let the tears fall, they are not a sign of weakness. they are a sign that it is ok to admit that you are human

  17. y:

    time is money

  18. Navyshebee:

    that war would change me and that i would have to cry , and crawl to walk again….I might have made different choices but i never regret the choices i made and difference i made helping others and rebuilding countries after destruction, whether by us or natural disaster.

  19. Justis:

    I wish I knew then what I know now so I could move on to things that I want to learn about.

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