Question 68

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  1. Tay:

    I’d like others to remember that I accomplished all I said that I would and that I tried my hardest!

  2. Carrie:

    Four years ago a friend passed away- she was 16.
    The one thing she did, that I try my best to replicate everyday, is smile.
    No matter what she was doing, how bad she was hurting, she was smiling. Her smile lit up the world- She was the most inspiring person I have ever known.
    I want to be remembered for something like that…

  3. To remmember I was very Sandy through my life 🙂

  4. erika:

    that i’d try anything once… even if i was scared… 😀

  5. i want them to remember my laugh!

  6. Candice:

    My first reaction was… how much we laughed. However what is more important to me is that… whatever people remember about me makes them smile, laugh, and warms their heart.

  7. valerie:

    that I was a damn good mom.

  8. LuLu:

    That I tried to show love to everyone I met, and made an attempt to make everyone smile and feel special.

  9. Laura:

    I think I’d want them to remember that I could smile through anything.

    I always have a smile on my face 🙂

  10. Nic:

    I hope people remember how excentric I was, and how good I was in the job I want to do for the next 60 or 70 years

  11. EmilyBee:

    She believed in God. She loved to make people smile.

  12. my smile and my happy moments

  13. Incrediburgers:

    The desperation I epitomized in the final years of my life, for my pathetic attempts to become a person worth remembering, before it was too late.

  14. Brett:

    that i had honest and good intentions, that i tried to see things positively and accurately

  15. Courtney:

    i am told my personality is very unforgetable and i hope it stays that way:) yeah, i have a nice body but i’m sure it won’t be around forever!

  16. Romer Jed:

    Even though I would be happy if people remembered me for anything at all and how much I would not want to be forgotten…

    I would only ask people to keep on living with a smile on their face and their hearts moving forward, and not waste time dwelling on the past.

  17. Big Red:

    how much i cared

  18. To my friends – the fact that I had given up everything to keep them safe, even though they’ll never know and I’d like to keep it that way. O:

    Everyone else – doesn’t matter to me.

  19. Hannah:

    She loved God and she did her very best to spread his love.

  20. LB:

    I hope they remember that I was there for them, even if they weren’t there for me.

  21. alexa:

    all the good times we had, my big goofy smiles, and how much i love them all and will for all eternity.

  22. Gabbo:

    What LB said.

  23. April:

    Hopefully they’ll talk about how I was loving and happy to everyone. That’s what I want to be. I always want to be the reason another’s day was brighter. I want to be the reason that someone is able to smile if they have nothing else.

  24. sab:

    That I was here and life is beautiful/amazing adventure waiting for us.

  25. Emma:

    That I was the person who would always fight for the ones I loved, even if they could never return the favor.

  26. Ris:

    I was the one who would always come up with the insane ideas, and that they all had a deeper meaning behind them.

  27. Nick:

    Whatever they want to remember about me as long as I know I’ve been part of their lives.

  28. Lizzy:

    I want people to remember that I was kind and generous, despite the fact that I had more money than I knew what to do with.

  29. P:

    That I tried really hard to be who I was as well as making people happy. Just to remember me and maybe hoping that I impacted their lives.

  30. Kristen Deneuve:

    I want them to remember who I am.
    None of that ‘no talking bad about the deceased’ shit. I want them
    to be able to look into a strangers eyes and tell them exactly what kind
    of person I was, the good things and the bad things and the horrible things.

  31. Rowena:

    After I die I want people to remember that out of everything I’ve felt… I enjoy being happy 🙂

  32. sabrina:

    I was a voice, a protector for animals and had an amazing ability with them and I had a deep love for animals

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