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  1. I could possibly save up any extra amount of pocket change i end up with after each day. Or I could just not but anything i want but only necessities and i would ultimately end up with more than 100 dollars; but that is if i had a job; i am only seventeen so it would take me a while longer to save up 100 dollars due to my poor parents. LOL.

  2. Eating london broil instead of NY strip, ribeyes,and Porterhouse. But that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Mazl:

    easy – stay at home – and ditch the technology – but only for a month – if I could survive that long….

  4. dada:

    the right question would be : how can I earn 100$ this month

  5. Alicia:

    stay away from Target. haha. But I can’t, I love Target!

  6. shipra:

    by earning $100 more. Expenses are to remain the same/.

  7. Stephanie:

    Bring a sandwich and fruit to work for lunch rather than buying lunch at work or at a restaurant. Consolidate trips and save some gasoline. Walk when I can. Brew a pot of coffee, put it in a thermal cup, and bring it to work rather than buying a coffee-to-go. Borrow a book from the library rather than buy a book.

    I take a weekly allowance. I could easily burn through it. More often I will do all of the above, and by the end of the month I almost always have an extra hundred dollars. Sure, that little Italian cafe is nice for lunch, but it’s usually nicer to see that money stay with me.

  8. Talia:

    Pack lunch and eat out less. Use the groceries I have at home rather than making multiple trips to the grocery store.

  9. Osiris:

    Easy. Don’t spend $100.

  10. Eljai:

    Stick to necessities.

  11. Navyshebee:

    allready have, at the end of each week what is left in the checking account transfers to the savings….It is money that was not alloted and with us spending and being more frugal. The savings just keeps growing.

  12. Courtney:

    Set a goal. Remember why you’re saving.
    Remember how far you’ve come.

  13. KK:

    If I stayed away from the mall, my weekly happy hour with friends, and any other store besides the grocery store.

  14. Wanton:

    Staying away from coffee. $5 a day for 20 days…Adds up!

  15. JRB:

    Stop smoking.

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