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  1. Stephanie:

    No one can change your mind on whom you’ve chosen. Then you know.

    Then of course it’s too late. You realize you had no idea how to choose someone, and you wonder what in world you were thinking at the time. It’s after around 30 years you realize this horribly imperfect person is still there, with the horribly imperfect you. Then “The One” is going under the scalpel and may not come back, and you want that person to come back and you’re there holding hands, giving maybe your final hug and kiss, and they come back and you cry as you write it after a long day at the hospital…

    And yes, that is my life, and it was my day today and I am tired, exhausted, and still alive and married with a wonderful teen aged child, and with a few tears running down my face.

  2. Kay:

    Words aren’t enough for me.

  3. Unbelievaburgers:

    While I believe it was my fate to find the one, I did not truly realize it until after going through the greatest of trials and tribulations in which my faith was tested – when doubt and all logic and reason threatened to subvert my mettle, when I found myself filled with despair, at one point violently shocked into disbelief and bewilderment, left speechless, adrift, and alone, confronted with an unprecedented existential apocalypse with seemingly no hope for answers or resolution.

    I watched with mine own eyes the man – who I was certain had to be that special person – fight a valiant but losing battle in what would be his life’s final struggle. A tremendous commotion had erupted, its intensity equal only to the deafening silence that followed. His eyes rolled back, his heart stopped beating, and his lifeless body slumped to the floor – an unremarkable, bloody shell of what had once faithfully served as the vessel for his loving soul.

    …And then he proceeded to *get back up*, refusing to accept the apparent reality, in utter defiance of Death itself. When he saw beyond the ersatz world and experienced the true nature of reality, gazing upon existence in its purest form, it was at this very moment of his enlightenment that I truly KNEW he was The One.

  4. Teacher Shiel:

    He is the one when he makes me feel I’m the last.

  5. susan:

    If you really listen to your gut and your heart, then you know when you know that you know.

  6. Lua:

    I found him but I lost him because of my family. I know that I will live in regret and I deserve it. I met him before one year and half and he asked me for marriage and I said Yes. I love him because he is the best man ever but in the same time I love my family.

    I wish for him all the Best.

  7. Eljai:

    you’re no longer motivated to keep looking.

  8. Shapes:

    When u smile for no reason 🙂

  9. Ria:

    I’m still trying to figure this out!

  10. NavyShebee:

    When even when things are not all rosey you are able to communicate and work it out. Marriage and relationships are work and I will never give up , he has been there in the good and the terrible and not walked away from all of the tragedy and personality changes i went though after war. He has stood strong being my rock, though I feel I need to be more grateful and I am working on it.

  11. Linda:

    I’m no longer sure there is just “one”. Perhaps many people can fill that role, it’s just a matter of choice and making it the best it can be.

  12. Jen:

    When the thought of the makes you smile, when you can’t wait to talk to them, when seeing them changes your mood and when others notice the effect they have on you and most importantly when you know that they accept all of you as you are.

  13. Heather:

    Exactly what I thought to Shapes. You smile for no reason!

  14. tash:

    Very well put Linda! I agree that there is not just one person who is “the one” but it´s a choice and a decision. We have to commit to that choice in order to make it work and make it the best that it can be. And that´s not easy. Still in my 30s figuering out how to do all that…

  15. Justin:

    I agree with Linda. Sometimes when you see someone, even if it is across the room and you felt a connection with them as if they have always been there. Before you know it, you fell in love and you could not understand how or why but you know you just do. However, we fell in love and out of love sadly. It just depends on the choices that life gives you to make, being committed, and so on. And it also depends on that person too. When you believe you found the “one”, the other person may disagree. So finding the “one” is a two way street and I am still figuring that part out because like everyone else, we probably fell hard for many people we figured are not the “one”. But I like to think that the choices we make are the choices that lead us to the “one” and you would know by then. I also like to think if we had made a different choice, the “one” would be a different person.

  16. Abibuyog:

    When he make you happy even your experiencing the worst day ever of your life. when you always find reason to smile and fight for what you believe in. 🙂

  17. Tanmay Shah:

    You Just know 🙂 You love them with everything…no matter what…your entire world is better…you find your true self…you just know it…trust love.

  18. Janie:

    When, during the day, you simply smile for no particular reason… but just because he crossed my mind.

  19. Ashley:

    You just know. And it doesn’t happen in the first week. It took me months to realize. They make you happy, they actually want to talk to you and they tell their friends about you instead of hiding the relationship, etc..

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