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  1. susan:

    Once while at a nationally recognized fast food restaurant, I was captivated by one of the workers there. He was a young gentleman who was physically challenged. Despite the challenges that he faced, he was so kind and happily went about his work exhuberantly. His kind and respectful interaction with all of the customers impressed me and at the same time touched me heart. Before leaving the restaurant I asked the young man his name. “Tony Peeler,” he said, but with a big smile he said, “but all my friends call me “Tator Peeler.” Upon returning home, I decided I would write the President of the corporation a letter and compliment this young man for being a great employee and an inspiration to all who met him. Not long after, I received a reply from the Manager of the local franchise restaurant who acknowledged that my letter had been received and that Tony was going to be honored and promoted at the next Arby’s Corporate meeting.

  2. dada:

    neighbor in the apartment next to me was an old and good but a little senile. one night around about 2 in the morning noise woke me up – she was crying from her apartment. she fell out of bed and called my mom for help. I broke into the apartment, reassured her, put her on the bed and called an ambulance. ….. a month later she died of old age …
    it was the most nature thing for me to do that I never told around about it …

  3. Ria:

    One time my family was having an open house/bbq with tons of food. During the party I suddenly remembered an old homeless man who’d recently been hanging around a shopping center nearby. I filled two plates with food, got in my car, took them to the man, and was back within 40 minutes. No one missed me or the food. But he seemed really happy and said, “I haven’t eaten homemade in forever!”

  4. Eljai:

    Pull of the road in a torrential rainstorm to check on the guy who’s truck just rolled over three times after fishtailing. Call 911, give him a hug and stay with him until the police and ambulance came.

  5. NavyShebee:

    Simply listened and got them to a hospital to get help instead of suicide.

  6. Linda:

    Wow! These testimonies are inspiring. I’ve never done anything like this, but I do hope to make a difference in people’s lives.

  7. manjula:

    Reading the above comments make me inspire …I hope to make it..

  8. tash:

    A very old lady was walking the streets begging for money while i was having breakfast in a foreign country. I invited her to eat with me and listened to her stories about her sick husband and her back pain. Despite my broken Spanish, i was able to make her smile a little and that made my week 🙂

  9. P.J.:

    My sister’s neuro-psychiatric disorder became so bad that she was no longer able to care for herself. I cared for her full-time for three years. She’s better now; no worries. Everybody praised me for caring for her and I never got that. My sister was sick. That’s just what you do when your sister is sick. You take care of her. But her other nine siblings didn’t think to do that. I never got that either.

  10. P.J.:

    i did it wrong. I’m sorry.

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