Question 1108

Photo by: Nattu

8 Responses to “Question 1108”

  1. shipra:

    Bad – World is more lecherous.
    Good – World is more tech-savvy

  2. Haataja:

    Bad – people are more untrustworthy and much less honourable.
    Good – people are well on the way of becoming aware of the truth.

  3. NavyShebee:

    Bad- a handshake is no longer seen as a binding contract,Our Constitutional rights are slowly and sleazily being taken from us with out our knowledge or input late at night by our government.

    Good- Some people are realizing it, it is a wonderful thing to wake up and be at awe at the beautiful area in which I have chosen to live.

  4. Linda:

    I like that there is more tolerance of individuality, but unfortunately, some people use it as an excuse for selfishness.

  5. Catch-Up:

    Technology saved our time.

    We waste that time.

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