Question 1109

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13 Responses to “Question 1109”

  1. Dave:

    smile first

  2. Stephanie:

    I look at them, I see the beauty, and I naturally smile. Sometimes they smile back. 😀

  3. Eljai:

    I treat other people like they are human. This helps them feel better about being human. This often leads to smiles.

  4. Linda:

    I second the answers here, sometimes I make silly jokes if people are down. I try to encourage them.

  5. shipra:

    Smile, and they smile back

  6. Riri:

    I smile and ask them how their day is going 🙂 usually makes them smile and makes me smile even more.

  7. tash:

    i tell them what i love about them and make sure they see it too

  8. Ria:

    Use their name while smiling. If you think about, we don’t get called by our names all that often. It’s nicer than “hey you!”

  9. Randy Seabrook:

    I smile and they usually smile back.

  10. Justin:

    I make jokes because laughter does make them smile, even if it is for a while. I want to make them realize that even though when things get serious or bad, it is okay to laugh and smile once in a while because it is one of the little things that makes them pull through.

  11. Nyulnyul:

    SMILE 😉

  12. JRB:

    Giving them a sincere compliment.

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