Question 1110

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  1. Blink:

    I am proud that I came through the other side of mental illness with determination to succeed. I’m now 100% stronger and ready to take on life and all that it throws at me

  2. Mazl:

    …..that I can still play the piano to entertain even though my vision is poor … but good enough!!

  3. NavyShebee:

    I am proud of serving my country in a rebuilding capacity through my service in the Navy, I am proud of raising 4 wonderful successful children, I am proud of the forgivness I am able to work on with my family and of being more humble than proud of those accomplishments.

  4. Linda:

    Nothing yet, but I hope to accomplish some long-cherished goals.

  5. Charu:

    I am extremely proud, that as a 17-yr-old, I dared to follow my passion for design, despite having the world against me. Leaving the comfort of the known and the conventional, to step into the unknown. I’ve fallen down hard several times and seen only defeat since then, but I’m sure I’ll soon succeed..

  6. shipra:

    Teach my kids value of life.

  7. Polly:

    Allowing others to be their real selves a bit more than they were.

  8. Alicia:

    My amazing daughter.

  9. Fox:

    My success as a student, mother, daughter, housewife and biologist.
    I don’t think success is a material thing or a step in life so much as a way of life.

  10. Eljai:

    I raised my children to a point where they can take care of themselves.

  11. Randy Seabrook:

    The positive effect that I have had on the lives of the hundreds of students I have taught ( who knew that they would come back and tell you what you did for them- so humbling to know that the things you thought were just your style made all the difference in the world) and being given the privilege of being the mother of two extraordinary young people who make me so proud that I can hardly breathe. These have been the crowning glories of my life and I am beyond grateful to God for his love and mercy.

  12. james:

    from being good son to my parents..

  13. Cami:

    I’m proud that I have come through mental illness and am now happy and optimistic.

  14. JRB:

    My daughters, my grandson, going back to college & graduating, finally having a healthy relationship, finally moving close to my best friend, & being grateful everyday that I wake up.

  15. Ashley:

    Graduating highschool

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