Question 71

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  1. Nic:

    To act human: do things in the way we are morally educated.
    To be human may also mean to act according the social rules that thousands of years have imposed to us, swimming along with the stream…

  2. Brett:

    to be able to feel. the ability, oft neglected, to try and feel understanding and empathy and respect for all living things

  3. valerie:

    to have compassion, empathy, sympathy, love.

  4. I will never figure this out but i am going to search the relative answer through my life 🙂

  5. Erika:

    To have compassion

  6. moca:

    I feel that a lot of the qualities we give to being uniquely human are found elsewhere in our world. I watched a video of a dog that was pulling another dog, that had gotten hit, to safety out of the way of traffic. Usually we say this is a human quality, but not entirely. I feel we underestimate animals by believing them to be purely instinctual beings. As for what it means to be human, I believe it comes down to evolutionary advances, 1. we look different than other animals and 2. we do have a higher capacity to consider our actions and change them accordingly, this is humanity

  7. Candice:

    to not be perfect and feel the pain and beauty in being imperfect, recognize and forgive the imperfections of others, and try (un)conscientiously to avoid giving or receiving pain. Sometimes interests conflict and we have to choose our own preservation over another person’s because, in essence, nothing is perfect… perfectly right or perfectly wrong. It’s beautiful.

  8. Laura:

    To know pain and love, to smile and laugh, to feel sorrow and happiness, and to understand.

  9. Romer Jed:

    potential… it means to have the ability to keep growing, learning, and advancing day-by-day.

    being human means to have the ability to become something more than amazing without even trying.

  10. Fran:

    having reasons for everything

  11. Tay:

    To be human is to feel. Feel pain, happiness, sadness, regret, elation, everything.

  12. To act like one! and in short words, to treat people like you like them to treat you.

  13. dani:

    making mistakes makes us human. learning from those mistakes is what make us good.

  14. Chelsea:

    Does ‘human’ even have a definition.. or is it the fact that we are so completely different that makes us human?

  15. Katie:

    There is no simple explanation for being human. to feel compassiona and hurt and rejection and happiness and anger and love is all human. but being totally unique is also one of the most important things.

  16. To be a Homo sapien.

  17. April:

    We have souls and beating, feeling, loving hearts. We all have things we care for and hope for.

  18. Dale:

    too be able to show an act of knidness to any being big or small

  19. Nick:

    To be human is to feel human. Love, share, be compassionate and live life.

  20. P:

    To make mistakes. And to also forgive.

  21. To be human is to be another species on this planet…… no, we are NOT any different from the other creatures around.

  22. Rowena:

    To be human you have to have the power to feel.

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