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  1. Stephanie:

    I function in the world to satisfy my needs of food, clothing, and shelter. I find ways to be myself, even if no one likes me. I’m still me. I matter to me. If I matter to anyone else, it’s because they accept who and what I am.

  2. Nothing. It’s no skin off my back.

  3. susan:

    There’s ALWAYS a reason. The reason may not be valid to YOU, but obviously it’s valid to THEM. I’ll try to find out what’s going on to make them feel this way and correct the situation. Alot of times, the problem lies within THEM and has NOTHING to do with ME.

  4. Mazl:

    nothing, absolutely nothing …. it’s their problem… none of my business what they think of me..

  5. shipra:

    We can’t be in the goodwill of all. Understand that fact and avoid distraction.

  6. Alicia:

    Nothing. I don’t give a damn.

  7. *:


  8. havanahsoul:

    this troubles me regularly… I become quite introverted, and question myself endlessly… I even think I know the reasons why they don’t like me… and yet I do nothing to change these things… I am loud, outspoken, could be classed as a trouble maker if you want to look at it that way – but that’s cause I like to challenge issues that I feel don’t promote the goodness of whatever it is we are supposedly working towards… I must say – this bothers me mostly within a working capacity – outside of work , who cares – you choose who you surround yourself with outside work… but then I remind myself – Hey – you have been promoted 3 times in 4 years… they haven’t – I can’t be doing EVERYTHING wrong! but it still grates away… I need to find ways to combat such negative thoughts… all input and recommendations welcome 😉

  9. Haataja:

    I don’t give a damn what they dislike in me, because I try my best to be 100% of only what I like.

  10. tash:

    There´s a debate on who really said this quote, but it´s one of my favorites and this philosophy has given me peace of mind and courage in countless situations and empowered me to be myself and feel more confident in indimidating situations : Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.

  11. Navyshebee:

    Figure “thier loss”

  12. Ria:

    I only know of one time for sure (I’m sure there are others who dislike me but they are not vocal about it) where someone disliked me for being “quiet and weird.” Well, ok. I didn’t talk much to said person because he only liked to swear, talk trash about his girlfriend, or complain about our boss. Nothing positive from his mouth. I guess the dislike was mutual, but the reasons were different. It didn’t bother me.

  13. TheFireSkyDragon:

    Carry on with the way I am, and be with the ones who accept me for who I am…

  14. Eljai:

    nothing. Most of the time I probably don’t even realize it, and if I do…I get on with my life. And yes, I’ve quit jobs when people tried to make THEIR issue with me MY problem. I don’t have time or energy for that.

  15. Randy Seabrook:

    I agonize over it for a while, wondering what I did or didn’t do to offend them. After awhile I come to my senses and realize that I am a really nice person so perhaps the problem is theirs. Then I dismiss it from my mind and go on about my business.

  16. Abibuyog:

    Hmm.., take it as a challenge on my ends to improve myself especially if I think that is something that need to improve. and everybody is entitled for their own opinion anyway. no hard feeling. 🙂

  17. wanton:

    Most often, walk away and carry on. Because the problem isn’t mine but theirs alone. But at times, I smile and carry on.

  18. james:

    i’m just silent and not to talk with them

  19. Nyulnyul:

    Ignore them! *Case closed* 🙂

  20. Jude:


  21. Jim:

    Depends. do I respect this person’s opinion? If not, DON’T CARE!!!

  22. JRB:

    Nothing!!! It really doesn’t matter. Their loss not mine.

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