Question 1114

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27 Responses to “Question 1114”

  1. Mazl:

    . . . politicians

  2. Rod:

    Being someone’s life lesson.

  3. shipra:


  4. Alicia:

    selfish people.

  5. Winter!

  6. Jodie:

    Advertising. Soul sellers

  7. KK:

    Not having a family of my own.

  8. Jodie:

    People that don’t say what they mean & don’t mean what they say.

  9. kadoski:

    Having to wake very early to go to work everyday…and being grateful for it

  10. Kennedy:

    Controlling people. Racism. Liars. False promises.

  11. tash:

    i´m fed up with complaining about my situation and repeating my sob story over and over…i´m fed up with listening to my own self-pity

  12. Ria:

    my inability to trust God and other people.

  13. Mayur:

    fed up with LOVE

  14. Kenzo:

    I’m fed up with special people who lie

  15. Eljai:

    People not being able to earn a living wage and insurance even when they are working full time.

  16. Randy Seabrook:

    People being so selfish and small minded. Nothing will change until we all work together to solve human problems. This is one planet and we are one people, even if we can’t or won’t see it yet. But even though I’m fed up I still believe.

  17. Alayna:

    I am fed up of not able to be myslf. Not able to say no to others

  18. Navyshebee:

    People who feel they are above working a minimum wage job or two to make ends meet. thatthey have to spnge off family or the gvoernment, instesad of standing up and making a living for themselves. If you are working 2 jobs and need child care, I dont mind the government helping you so you can make a better life and assist you. i know it is hard to be away from your babies for so long but eventually you will be able to be there more and more for them. they know you love them and the sacifice today will show them that life is hard work and if you want something you have to work hard for it. Nothing comes easy, but you hold your head high , go to school, get a job, work hard make ends meet , dont overspend and get into the credit card scam and …make a life so the next generation can have it better, you also let them know there is no money for that extra candy bar. but when there is let them pick one as a treat….This from a single mom of 4 who worked 3 mimimum paying jobs, went through 2 appretiship programs and finally bought a home only to have to start over because the ex husbands family had more money.lost everything. Went from 38.00 an hour to 15 and still working my way back tro buy my own home again. ..this time the kids are grown but i want my place not one i pay to some slum lord..the words that were given to me by a highschool pricipal out of Baltimore ,MD, ” If it is to be it is up to me ” author unkown. I keep those words with me every day…..Still trying to figure it out…good luck and bless you all.

  19. Jenna:

    The govt both parties and the useful idiots who think the govt really gives a shit about them. Big news flash….they don’t. They are only interested in vote pimping and lying to your face.

  20. Abibuyog:

    The burden I need to carry for my family

  21. wanton:

    Stubborn parents who fail to see the truth and who stand by not seeing the truth.

  22. Katie:

    My really bad attitude that I can’t seem to change. The anxiety that comes with it.

  23. Mel:

    my go nowhere job and job hunting for a new one

  24. Jude:

    The guy that pesters me at work!

  25. P.J.:


  26. JRB:

    People who use the “system” instead of working for what they have.

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