Question 1115

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18 Responses to “Question 1115”

  1. Mazl:

    nothing…I think I am smart – but if I worry that others may not think I’m smart, then I won’t be smart

  2. A:

    anxiety 🙁

  3. Haataja:


  4. KK:

    My heart

  5. Irony:

    The stupid, I would assume.

  6. Jodie:

    the “I already know that” of it all

  7. Ria:

    Not wanting to put in the time or mental effort.

  8. shipra:

    Lack of patience

  9. Eljai:

    Loneliness and anger.

  10. M.E.:


  11. Randy Seabrook:

    Nothing – I know I’m smart. Now sexy is another thing altogether!

  12. tash:

    Myself, and fear of failure

  13. Jude:

    My immaturity

  14. Jim:

    Lack of time management

  15. P.J.:

    Nothing. I am way smart.

  16. Cami:

    Math. And science.

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