Question 1116

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28 Responses to “Question 1116”

  1. Lucy:


  2. Mazl:

    unconditional love and acceptance from my mother, always ‘not measuring up’, always a disappointment….no matter what….

  3. Navyshebee:

    Enough money where i dont have to worry about how I am going to pay the bills.

  4. Lissa:

    I’ve never had a child.

  5. Kate:

    The fear to love unconditionally. Even after burning from it twice, even after the third time I was so certain it would last forever…

  6. Ria:

    Real pain or hardship. I thought of this when a 23-year-old friend lost his new bride to a brain tumor, and another friend whose 2-year-old has undergone more surgeries than most people do in a lifetime. Maybe my turn at such pain is just a matter of time…

  7. TivaJoy:

    A husband… Kids…. A near death experience…. A ghostly encounter… An international traveling experience… An unlimited spending spree… A soul mate.

  8. shipra:

    Porche SUV

  9. Teacher Shiel:

    A nice prom night and a debut party when I was 18.

  10. KK:

    A child of my own.

  11. Well, my fear of not spending my life luxuries. Afraid of not having enough money to make my surroundings cool, & Happy.

  12. Eljai:

    a desire to go into space or under the ocean

  13. M.E.:

    A true friend.

  14. Melissa:


  15. cindy:

    acceptance from my father – long dead now.

  16. Jenna:

    a mother who loved me

  17. Abibuyog:

    Happy Family 🙁

  18. wanton:

    Everything material. But what I have is enough.

  19. Katie:

    People who treated me like I was their child.

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  21. Jim:

    A lover

  22. Jude:

    A sister

  23. P.J.:

    a family

  24. JRB:

    How do I know if I’ve never had “it” ?

  25. JRB:

    I do know, financial security.

  26. Jason,I’m really eitxced about entering the competition! I am a minister by trade, and as such, I don’t swear. I know it’s a small thing, but if I was going to sing Movin’ Too Fast’ there’s line in the song about doing things half-a $%#. Would it change the meaning of the song too much if I changed that word/line? Would it be better for me to just pick a different song? I don’t mean to be picky, but I also don’t want to change your music if it bothers you. Thanks![FROM JRB:Well, this is a weird one. To be clear, the etymology of “half-assed” isn’t remotely established; there’s really no reason to believe that it’s even scatological, much less profane in some way. So I’m not sure why you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it. (I would not, however, suggest you sing the lyrics of The Book of Mormon from the pulpit.) But this isn’t a competition about one word, so I don’t care if you change it. But don’t you think it would sound kind of, I don’t know… half-assed?]

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