Question 1117

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15 Responses to “Question 1117”

  1. Linda:

    I wish I had went to school sooner, and starting saving sooner, and started a family sooner, and began traveling sooner. Opening my heart up to people sooner, just started living according to my desires sooner!

  2. Ria:

    Become a Christian sooner. I guess it was all in God’s timing though.

  3. Lissa:

    Being more open and verbal in my thoughts, desires, & needs.
    Saving money.
    Loosing weight.

  4. KK:

    I wish I would have started a serious attempt at starting a family sooner.

  5. Teacher Shiel:


  6. southergirl71:

    my divorce…

  7. Eljai:

    Learning Spanish. I wish I’d taken in in high school instead of Latin. They told me Latin would help me in other languages and on my tests for college entry, but it didn’t, it was bunk. Now I am trying to learn Spanish, and truly, I think THAT would have helped me more with vocab and tests than Latin ever did!

  8. Henk Schuimspaan:


  9. M.E.:

    Caring about my future.

  10. Randy Seabrook:

    Saving money.

  11. wanton:

    Living my life for myself!

    Instead of having to figure out how to do so now, when some youth has passed, and finding myself limited.

  12. Fiona:

    Taking music and theatre seriously, taking risks, talking to people.

  13. Jim:

    learning to read

  14. JRB:

    Saving money.

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