Question 1118

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23 Responses to “Question 1118”

  1. Lissa:

    My relationship.

  2. Mazl:

    that I am very tired, I long to sleep – and my life is way too busy

  3. Mazl:

    and – I just reread the Thought Question and I did not see the UN in front of the certain…. that’s patchy vision for you… now that’s something I certainly am uncertain about right now….. :- D

  4. Teacher Shiel:

    My health.

  5. KK:

    That after all these years of trying, that every thing will be ok. I’m just so tired

  6. micki:

    If I have wasted the last year of my life in a relationship that’s going no where fast

  7. Julie:

    My ambitions.

  8. Ria:

    which path to take.

  9. Peter Jones:

    what to do next if i quit my job

  10. Remy:

    My dreams. It’s my second semester in college and I’m aldready losing faith in what I believed I could achieve. I think it’s because I pay too much attention to what others think about me and also that I’m constantly reminded about my limitations.

  11. Eljai:

    If I want to take the job that is being offered to me by the company I formerly worked for when I make my move next month.

  12. M.E.:

    I’m on the same boat as Remy except I’m a 3rd year student, beginning the med school application process. I strongly believe that I will get into a US med school, but people aka health professions and advisors keep knocking me down.

  13. Randy Seabrook:

    My career

  14. Martha:


  15. cindy:

    My future…

  16. Nikki:

    where i will be in september of next year and how i will be paying

  17. My wife’s mental health

  18. Anonymous:

    If I still love my former crush.

  19. tash:


  20. Jim:

    The future

  21. Jude:


  22. JRB:

    Getting off my bipolar medication.

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