Question 1119

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  1. Julie:

    Never be afraid to make a fool out of yourself; you will never regret looking back and laughing

  2. Mazl:

    forgive’s liberating and it’s empowering. …,for yourself.

  3. Jill Herdman:

    Be kind to everyone & every thing. Especially Yourself.

  4. dada:

    smile smile smile

  5. Susan:

    My ex-husband and the father of my son just passed away yesterday at the young age of 56. This is the hardest and most heartbreaking thing that my son has ever had to deal with in his young life. All of the things mentioned previously are important. I would also add that one should always show love, kindness and respect and never let a day go by without saying the important things that need to said – don’t hold anything back and always express your feelings. Always know that one’s life can change or end in the blink of an eye, so don’t take anything for granted.

  6. Rob:

    Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Do your best to ignore the expectations placed upon you by society at large, do what feels right to you. Don’t fight with yourself, listen to yourself before the inner voice gets so muffled you can barely hear it.

  7. Stephanie:

    Live every minute as if it was your last. Someday it will be.

  8. Henry:

    Never stop running!

  9. KK:

    If you live your life for yourself everyone and everything will fall into place in your life.

  10. sam:

    be always loving and giving and positive no matter how hard the situation is you will be rewarded much more then u think!

  11. Carl:

    Love God with all your being. True happiness is only found in God.

  12. Kennedy:

    Respect your elders; for they are often the most wise.

  13. Blair:

    Don’t rush life, enjoy both the small things and the big things equally as they are equally important.

  14. Eljai:

    Stay open to changing perspectives and interests. You don’t have to cement who you are, what you believe and what you are going to do for the rest of your life.

  15. hboolani:

    When you are extremely angry at someone, dont reply instantly. Wait for 24 hrs and then reply back and see how your response changes from the one that came to your mind at that immediate instance of anger.

  16. M.E.:

    Procrastination killed the college student.
    Always remember your family, they are probably the only people on earth who will not intentionally harm you.

  17. Betts Kleinhans-Stevens:

    Always tell the people you love that you love them, treat others like you would like to be treated and give back

  18. Randy Seabrook:

    It’s okay to be afraid. But do that thing you are afraid of anyway. Don’t let fear stop you. Also love is the most important thing in life. Love makes all things grow, especially people!

  19. Justin:

    Sometimes there will be boulders in life but it is there to test you. Keep aiming for what you really want.

  20. cindy:

    Always trust your instincts.
    Be true to yourself.

  21. Fighter:

    Fear God and keep His commandments.

  22. Supplier:

    Fight for your dreams! But, donĀ“t forget to enjoy the jorney…

  23. wanton:

    Don’t sweat the small stuff! Learn to ride the journey of life like a trapeze, and try to leave something of yourself behind with someone.

  24. Katie:

    Read the Bible cover to cover, even if you don’t think you believe in it. Then dare to ask questions from people who have also read it cover to cover.

  25. Be brave and trust in your capacities! do not let fear stop you from trying to reach your goals.

  26. james:

    Enjoy life, everyday, every minute, and every second because every time past it will never get back..

  27. tash:

    Stay close to your family (the people who love and care for you)

  28. Jude:

    Follow your heart and not both of your heads.

  29. JRB:

    Always stay limber.

  30. Inge:

    Don’t forget to love yourself.

  31. Justin:

    Find someone, a friend, family who you trust completely. Don’t be afraid or put yourself down because it seems like you don’t belong because you will find it. Enjoy the moments now and you will understand.

  32. Name:

    Read the Tora, Bible and Coran…apply cautiously…

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