Question 1120

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28 Responses to “Question 1120”

  1. Vincent:

    Practice gratitude.

  2. Mazl:

    …are generous

  3. A:

    count your blessings.

  4. Alicia:


  5. ashley:

    …are honest with yourself and those around you.

  6. Kenzo:

    Life is better when you work hard

  7. Rob:

    Accept the things that you cannot change.

  8. Jodie:

    I’m with you Rob. Accept.

  9. Talia:

    love yourself

  10. dada:

    when you know what your goal is and what you want in life

  11. Eljai:

    Are comfortable in your own skin. I am SO glad I am learning to live free from active addiction!

  12. Susan:

    Stop worrying and know that God is in control

  13. Randy Seabrook:

    Are grateful for every blessing in your life.

  14. Justin:

    When anything does not matter much but you enjoy every moment of it

  15. Juan:

    Do it together

  16. wanton:

    smile, love oneself and love another

  17. karen:

    clean & sober

  18. Alayna:

    Live it to the fullest

  19. nikki:

    smile 🙂

  20. are in love

  21. james:

    are strong and healthty…:)

  22. Juliana:

    Enjoy it. 🙂

  23. michu:

    1. have much money
    2. healthy
    3. have friends and family that you can always trust

  24. tash:

    Are in contact with God

  25. JRB:

    Let go. You really don’t have control over anything.

  26. Senbon:

    you have others around you, sharing your happiness and sadness

  27. Tanmay Shah:


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