Question 1121

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  1. Victoria:


  2. laziness.

  3. I am Elohim your God. Giving free will to man apes is mildly annoying. My will shall be done, but delays are often caused by training demigods with temporary free will. But before natural disasters i can rest back total control and chase bats out of caves or make men drive up hills.

  4. Eljai:

    currently , nothing

  5. M.E.:

    Anxiety, stress, people who only know how to discourage, and my choices

  6. shipra:

    My inhibitions

  7. Time…We have to be patient while we are waiting for our successes to come to us. Every step needed is taken and every thing needed is done. So what we have to do now is to wait. Just give our success a little time. And you know it’s worthwhile to be a little patient.Maybe success likes to take a walk rather than a rush…The faith in yourself is just what you need during the tough journey towards your goal.

  8. Eva:

    I like to think that nothing does

  9. Katie:

    The idea that if I stumble no one is there to catch me.

  10. anusha:

    fear…of….time management,of planning,thinking of failure,thinking about future(what may happen?)….

  11. Not having a career… but I’m studying again =)

  12. james:

    im tired..

  13. tash:

    My self, and my own fears.

  14. Jim:


  15. Justin:

    Fear of being in the wrong field

  16. Senbon:

    Lack of Confidence and Motivation

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