Question 72

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20 Responses to “Question 72”

  1. Lexi:

    You would see all the pain that you have caused them and how you have effected the person. Maybe this person has issues of their own…

  2. valerie:

    selfishness, unremorseful, denial.

  3. Romer Jed:

    I would see that they have a life just as complex as me and that our rivalry may or may not be just another obstacle that we, as human beings, place before each other to help one another grow and inhibit the other at the same time.

    I would see see the heart of someone who lives for themselves as opposed to my helping nature and a person who is hypocritical of what he does, but believes in certain ideals that conflicts with his actions.

    I would see the person who I do not want to be, no matter how much of an influence he plays over my life; I have the balls to follow my beliefs and match my words with my actions.

  4. Sarah:

    I would see hatred for me and for what i have done/said to/about them.

  5. Nic:

    I wouldn’t see a thing… I can’t even imagine how seeing the world through other’s eyes could be.

    or maybe I would see the path and memories that drove this enemy to the point of being against my beliefs… and maybe the amount of strenght he/she has to make a stand for his/her beliefs

  6. Candice:

    I think that my strongest enemy has more in common with me than my best friend… the only difference is where on the spectrum of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde we are. In the end, what I criticize in others are faults I find and correct in myself and either envy or deplore them for not correcting their own “faults.”

  7. melinda:

    a certain mindset; an inability to change

  8. Eps:

    I believe that if you look into the heart of your most fierce enemy, you would see yourself. The greatest enemy for almost everyone is themselves, and I believe that the person that people define to be their biggest enemy has many of the traits that they want or the traits that they have, and either way, the individual sees him or herself in the soul of this other individual and does not like it.

    Granted, there are individuals that don’t share your point of view, or just have intolerable traits, that people don’t like, but usually these people aren’t the greatest enemy that a person has, in my opinion.

  9. He’d probably still have love for me, while that doesn’t apply vice-versa.

  10. Flower:

    I think they have the same heart as I do, they love just like I do.
    Hate hurts one person & that is yourself.

  11. Justin:

    A path you choose not to take and they did

  12. Soda:

    I would see everything that i see in myself that i hate, I would start to spin in to my own way to cover up the guilt i felt for killing this person i have never met nor will ever be able to meet.

  13. April:

    I don’t feel like I have an enemy. Although, if I did, I would believe that their heart probably isn’t a lot different than mine. Maybe more insecurities would lie in theirs, more strife?

  14. Hollow:

    We are one and the same.
    I am my own enemy.

  15. sodapop:

    probably not much. likes repel.

  16. Ris:

    I would see complete, relentless, and poorly explained hatred for the three people who I love and care about with every fiber of my being. All because those three have done for me what my enemy knows she has never done, and that they have been the reason she could never fully break me.

  17. Sabrina:

    I think I would see that, that person feels like people don’t understand him and in fact don’t try to.

  18. Nick:

    The painful experiences of my enemy that he wants to forget.

  19. Franz:

    I see faith in a “greater good”, be it God, a country or any great person.
    In my heart, there’s faith in oneself.

  20. Rowena:

    This question reminds me that I shouldn’t judge others. Why do they do what they do? You have reasons, so do they. Think before you wrongly judge.

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