Question 1126

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25 Responses to “Question 1126”

  1. dada:

    that everything can be like it was cca 2 years ago

  2. wanton:


  3. Katie:

    A really really long and very protective hug.

  4. Alayna:

    A true love without any conditions

  5. Mark Greene:

    Happiness and peace throughout the world!

  6. KK:

    The ability to be carefree and not have any worry other than what toy I’ll play with next.

  7. Christine Ha:

    Do my favorite hobbies every second of a day, day bay day.

  8. shipra:

    To be more responsible towards LIFE

  9. Susan:

    My mommy

  10. Amelia:


  11. Evelyn:

    Playing in the woods with my brothers and watching my dog running as fast as he can against our quad.

  12. karen:

    energy & stamina

  13. Karina:

    A huge hug with a lot of love from my grandmother telling me ” everything will be just fine”

  14. Disneyland!

  15. tash:

    A hug from my mother.

  16. Nic:

    A hug from a friend.

  17. Jude:

    wander through the woods

  18. Jim:

    Play on the swings and eat a popscicle

  19. JRB:

    Security, unconditional love, acceptance, to feel safe, and have fun.

  20. Cami:

    Summertime and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  21. mel:

    to run outside and blow bubbles

  22. just_jess:

    A hug and to be told I’m loved.

  23. Joleen:

    Asking HIM if he would come out and show me the city a little bit 🙂

  24. Marina:

    Dunkaroos, Ice-pops, Kool-aid, and a play date with the people I grew up with.

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