Question 1129

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21 Responses to “Question 1129”

  1. KK:

    To be a great mom to a good human being.

  2. Lissa:

    To fly thru the air…. Hang glide…. Parachute…. Or hot air balloon.

  3. reddy:

    To have the best relationship yet.

  4. janette:

    To travel the world.

  5. shipra:

    Grow BIG financially and fulfil my hubby’s wish.

  6. To assure the education of my kids

  7. ashley:

    honestly, it may sound selfish, but i just want to connect with him again. i would like the chance to help him heal whatever pain it is he’s been through that has him scared of relationships.

  8. A:

    to travel the world.

  9. Alayna:

    To live my college life again

  10. tash:

    To be fully forgiven, and come to heaven.

  11. Jude:

    One chance to make a wish on something else

  12. Jude:

    Date the man I love

  13. Jim:

    Kiss the man that gives me butterflies

  14. Theresa:


  15. Cami:

    I hope I get the chance to live by the ocean.

  16. mel:

    make a long overdue face to face apology

  17. JRB:

    To live a long, healthy, loving, & prosperous life.

  18. Getting asked, “Will you give me the honor of being your husband?” by the man I love. I wrote about it here:

    Thanks, Thought Questions.

  19. Sara:

    To sing infront of an audience other than my showerhead or make-shift-microphone hairbrush

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