Question 1130

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18 Responses to “Question 1130”

  1. Stephanie:

    …life positive things.

  2. Amy:

    …honesty and courage.

  3. Denni:


  4. Christine Ha:

    creative and meaningful things

  5. Mazl:

    dogs…….. and yoghurt

  6. Susan:

    Well, to be perfectly honest: money and power

  7. Jarvis:

    happy friendly pretty women

  8. janette:

    people who think for themselves and people who are articulate and can hold a good convo.

  9. kim:


  10. Intelligent women

  11. Arthur Hutchinson:

    whateveryone else has and i dont

  12. Fiona:

    eyes that speak as much as someone’s mouth, smudged eyeliner, wit, cheekbones, people who are passionate about something

  13. james:

    people who have a bright ideas.

  14. KK:

    Pink!!! Unless it’s pink poop.

  15. Mel:

    different views on the normal. I LOVE a creative mind, a mind that looks at life differently, a mind that is open.

  16. Jude:


  17. JRB:

    The moon, the sound of the ocean, and curiosity.

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