Question 1132

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22 Responses to “Question 1132”

  1. shipra:

    My low voiced and lesser worded profile

  2. Alayna:


  3. Susan:


  4. Chelsea:

    Today my answer is optimism. I am happy when I allow myself to be happy. If I focus on what is not good, then my day is not good. It is true that you need to examine anything unsatisfying in your life in order to make it better, but even this is best done with optimism.

  5. zavia:

    belief in righ

  6. AHHHsexyLady:

    More than you know 😉

  7. KK:

    A family of my own.

  8. Ada:


  9. A positive attitude.

  10. Christine Ha:

    fully control of finance

  11. being in total control of mi life


  13. michu:

    1. much money
    2. people that i really love

  14. Huma:

    Letting go of hatred

  15. Victoria:

    A best friend

  16. Nic:

    Optimism and a belief that life is unfolding as it should.

  17. grace:

    To accept that it is okay if i’m happy when other people are sad.

  18. Jude:

    people that positively influence me

  19. Hotchkiss:

    Me, nature and music

  20. Justin:

    To be so productive to enjoy it. And ofc to find someone I love and have a family.

  21. Sara:


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