Question 1134

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27 Responses to “Question 1134”

  1. Susan:

    Loving yourself!

  2. Recognizing our limiting beliefs

  3. michu:

    living a life which everyone expect you to live.

  4. Mazl:

    accepting man’s limited intelligence in understanding the extremes of human behaviour

  5. Alayna:

    Understanding the one who s nt able to understand you

  6. tokidoki247:

    Getting out of the cycle of the mistake you know you’re committing. I wish I could stop hurting the people who never hurt me.

  7. Chelsea:

    Being a victim of dictatorship or abusive political power . This should put my own struggles in perspective. I might struggle with forging my path in life, but at least I live in an era and a nation where my mind and body are free of these atrocities.

  8. Huma:

    To be happy

  9. Alesha:

    Is to accept ourselves and to be optimistic.

  10. Victoria:

    Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes

  11. Nic:

    To accept yourself and be yourself, rather than allowing others to put you in a box.

  12. Chiara:

    Escaping your own mind

  13. shipra:

    Escaping your thought process

  14. Jim:

    watching others suffer

  15. Jude:

    coming to terms with reality

  16. tracy:

    Having a drug addiction …….

  17. Keandre:

    Healing from rape and abuse.

  18. KK:

    Keeping the hope alive when life keeps knocking you down.

  19. Cody:

    Being yourself and not caring what anyone thinks.

  20. Michelle:

    …the loss of love. Whether it’s through death or infidelity.

  21. Inge:

    Living your own life. And living an sich.

  22. Justin:

    When one day you wake up and realize that when everything you see around you, the beauty, the wonder, and the process of life is so amazing that even enjoying it is a struggle. I feel that way sometimes.

  23. Senbon:

    To be a good person

  24. chichay:

    to be the person people are expecting you to be

  25. ezra:

    accepting the human race with all of its problems

  26. nait:

    just living it

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