Questions 1135

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15 Responses to “Questions 1135”

  1. Rob:

    That list is so long I can’t even remember it. All I know is that to find the right person has a lot to do with being the right person, and being able to let them love you.

  2. Ivona:

    Intelligence, wit and an open heart…

  3. Susan:

    Trustworthiness and loyalty

  4. Mazl:

    kindness and openness

  5. Chelsea:

    Humorous…exciting to be around…open-minded… Smart…values me

  6. Atom:

    Rob – You are bang onthe money!

  7. kutbock:

    Friends are just friends you don’t choose them….with our lovers or friends there is a chemistry that even you don’t know why it exists. Even you don’t understand the connection you share.

    Trust and loyalty are the things one expects or rather say needs from a friend or lover.

  8. Jude:


  9. KK:

    Loyalty and kindness

  10. Michelle:

    Trust and that they like me for who I am, not some made up image of who they want me to be.

  11. Gratitude and Empathy. People with those qualities make exceptional friends. And they’re great role models for me.

  12. JRB:

    Someone that accepts me for who I am.

  13. P.J.:


  14. chichay:

    someone who will never judge me by my past

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