Question 73

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36 Responses to “Question 73”

  1. EmilyBee:

    how much I love other people

  2. Dare to think 😉

  3. Ellie:

    My butt 😉

  4. Hana:

    being me

  5. Fran:

    that i care

  6. Candice:

    that the people who surround me… love ME and I love THEM. In the sense that I can really be ME and they can really be THEM.

  7. Being empathetic.

  8. MLEst1:

    I love my mind.

  9. Tay:

    my understanding.

  10. moca:

    my feet, they carry me all day long, through everything difficult thing I encounter, they are strong but not hardened from it

  11. valerie:

    my intuition.

  12. My Patience, oh no wait! this is what people most like about me, so I’d say it’s my eyes 🙂

  13. Reggi:

    I’m always grateful that at least I HAVE a glass, no matter whether its half full or half empty!

  14. Anne:

    I love Reggi’s answer. (:

    I’m glad I don’t get unreasonable when I’m mad. Being angry doesn’t affect how I think so I don’t end up saying things I regret.

  15. Hannah:

    My taste in music:)

  16. Jo:

    My ability to keep even the biggest secrets

  17. my love to learn

  18. Romer Jed:

    my ability to keep smiling when everything feels out of place.

  19. That no matter what happens, I seem to be able to see the lesson and move on. That and I love with all that I am.

  20. Reggi:

    Ahah thanks Anne (: and may I say that’s a ver good quality you possess! x

  21. My objectivity.

  22. Becca:

    my eyes.

  23. April:

    My ability to love.

  24. sab:

    My strangeness.

  25. Emma:

    My passion for writing

  26. Ris:

    How I can still find a way to love my family, even when I’m angry at them.

  27. Sabrina:

    My ability to achieve great things even if I’m still young, I have the great feeling that I accomplished more things than some people would do in their entire life.

  28. Megan:

    My writing ability

  29. Nick:

    My creativity, my compassion for what I love to do, my sensitivity.

  30. P:

    My eyes in the sunlight, how I’m unbelievably weird and how I appreciate things that others may not.

  31. Julie Takase:

    my love of books

  32. Rowena:

    Being ME. (and my eyes haha :D)

  33. ali:

    Ability to make something out of nothing

  34. sabrina:

    I’m good with animals and understand them

  35. filmon:


  36. filmon:

    my Attitude

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