Question 1139

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17 Responses to “Question 1139”

  1. Jude:

    When my roommate tries to be my mama!

  2. Jim:

    When people drive recklessly to travel short distances!

  3. Susan:

    When they try to impress or self-promote.

  4. Mazl:

    when they talk loudly on their mobile phones, especially on public transport

  5. shipra:

    when they want me to complete the task without any inputs from them.

  6. Chelsea:

    When they respond to a text with a phone call. In the words of Kelly Kapoor, “are you crazy?'”

  7. KK:

    When friends and relatives constantly ask if I’m pregnant yet!

  8. P.J.:

    By using the word “crazy.” What really drives me “crazy” is a neurological disorder.

  9. Susan:

    PJ: Thank you.

  10. Eva:

    Constant negativity

  11. Jarryl:

    ignorant people that give advice!

  12. Cami:

    Thank you, PJ. Exactly.

    I also hate that people are so closed-minded, especially about religion and politics. They can’t accept that there’s a chance they could be wrong.

  13. chichay:

    not listening to what you are saying and then ask you to repeat what you have said

  14. Morgan:

    Feeling like I always need to justify everything.

  15. k:


  16. Desiderata:

    Human parasites

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