Question 1140

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  1. Erin:

    Face what you have been dreading the most: look at all of the pictures of you two during the happy times. It will make you cry so hard you can’t see the photos through the tears but when are through, you will feel closure.

  2. shipra:

    Cry, shout and use means to vent out the inner feelings. This relaxes and creates space for other thoughts

  3. dada:

    oh I am an expert in this one …
    let your feelings out, whatever they may be…and then
    Put yourself in the first place … get up and move on …
    but whatever you do the trick is that the time has to go by …
    and remember – you are the only person that can make you happy

  4. Susan:

    Forgive yourself, forgive them and carry on.

  5. Jarryl:

    It happend to me yesterday and I was glad, because there is someone outthere waiting for me.

  6. Meghan:

    Definitely being able to talk about it with someone else. After three weeks of no talking, I finally asked him what even happened. Why the phasing out. He found someone else two weeks after we spent a night together, and didn’t have the need to talk to me. That was closure, but it hurt.
    I talked about it to myself at first, but then later in the day I shared it with a few friends, something I never do, and today I feel so much better than I usually would.

  7. Casey:

    Find yourself again. Regardless of whether the relationship was healthy or not, we all tend to lose a little bit of ourselves in the compromise of a relationship. Find the things that you love and the things that make you happy and do them often. Let yourself be upset, but don’t let yourself spend all day wallowing. Life is beautiful, and when anything ends, whether its a relationship or anything else to which you have committed your energy, time and feelings, its just the beginning of another chapter. Find the lesson, learn from it and keep getting better everyday.

  8. zavia:

    just let go and simply move on

  9. Alicia:

    The best way to get over someone, is to get under someone.

    hahahahahaha 🙂

  10. Justin:

    Whatever the reason for the failed relationship, accept the truth of it, forgive yourself and your partner, and you will feel more free to explore better things in life. Of course, all of that is only when you are ready. It took me a few months but I can finally say I am better off without her.

  11. Delete all e-mails, sms messages, throw away photos, unfriend on Facebook. Chat with good friends about it, then slowly reduce that amount of time spent on that topic. Take a vacation. Read a fluffy (non-romantic) novel.

    Then, let time do the rest and eventually go out with someone new.

  12. chichay:

    start a new relationship as friends

  13. Sara:

    forgive, forget, but never regret

  14. k:

    time and understanding

  15. nait:

    forgive learn from mistakes made and move on

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